Weekly Wrap Up, and a little peek

So – this has been a totally terrible week. I shared yesterday, that my dear sweet 13 year old cat, Magi has apparently either:

  1. Taken up residence on the other side of Rainbow Bridge
  2. Taken up residence with some sweet old lady with a can of tuna

I do not want to believe that either of these is true, however I am very inclined to believe that the dear sweet old lady has made her way to Baggy-Boy, and they are laying in wait in the closet, for me to arrive.

Good-bye Magicat… you are missed, loved, and always remembered. Say hello to Baggy-boy!


Other stuff that has happened this week, that wasn’t enough for a post:

Let’s see – I changed the  name of the blog, as well as the background and header… I like it so far, but if you’ve been around for a while, you’ve seen the many changes its undergone. I’ll get tired of this in a couple of weeks, and I’ll make something new… it’s just the way I am. I like rearranging the furniture every season… just for a change of pace. That’s “how I roll, yo”! I think… anyway…

Our girl got roses from A yesterday… which makes her rather apprehensive about our move, because they’ve talked about seeing other people in the interim. Until she graduates and goes to college… but, the closer the drop dead time for getting out of here comes – the more apprehensive she gets.

I took some photos the other day, around the yard – and I shared a few here. I got a few other good shots, I thought might be worth sharing: 





Yep, lots of those dragonflies in the yard… lots of mosquitoes too! I was out there taking pictures this afternoon, and darned if I didn’t get bitten seven times in less than five minutes.

Now mind you, I grew up in South Florida, and spent many years out in the water on a boat. No place worse in the world than a mangrove clump at dusk for the little buggars.

So I never, ever was bothered by the hordes of them that would emerge at dusk – that is until I moved here. These darned things have a toxin or something in them that makes a welt and itches relentlessly. I think it’s the extreme amount of PCBs reportedly in the soil around here…

In other news –

OK, I got nothing.

Happy Sunday!


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