Resurrection in May –by Lisa Samson


I was so excited the other day when my book from Book Sneeze came in! I couldn’t wait to immerse myself in the story. I hoped I had made the appropriate choice – and was truly excited about the one I chose.

This story begins and ends in the picturesque Kentucky mountains. Starting with an unexpected “meeting” between May and Claudius, this book traverses the years of May’s eventful life.

May is the typical college girl, searching for meaning in her life. She decides to take a mission trip to a remote village in Rwanda after graduation. She learns a lot about herself, and about love during the trip, however harrowing circumstances cause something in May to break.

Upon her return home, after being stranded alone in the village for five months, May cannot find it in herself to heal. This is when Claudius steps into her life a second time. Returning to the farm to heal, May begins to bloom in ways she never believed possible.

When she contacts a former college ‘flame’, Eli. on death row, her world begins to expand. May realizes that love is a sacrifice, and sometimes it’s not easy. But with Eli’s nine year old daughter helping her to grow, May steps off of the farm, and starts living, just as Eli’s life is ending.

This is such an interesting and wonderfully written story of love, forgiveness, and renewal. The grace and healing power of God can be felt throughout its pages. If you’re looking for a wonderful story of courage, healing, and redemption – this is the book for you!


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