And so it ends…

Well, ya’ll – I guess it’s a little fortuitous that I decided to change up the blog name and such… the Magi in Magimom is gone.She’s been missing for over a week now, and while I still hold out hope that she’ll just wander back up one day, I also know she’s 13 and that more likely is that she has gone somewhere to die alone, as cats will do.

There she is in all her 13 year old glory. Sad, I will miss this cat so very much. She was there for me when nobody else was. She and I learned to live alone, together. We’ve had some great times…

I can remember when I brought her home 13 years ago. I was moving to my own place, by myself, for the first time. My mother had given me a cat, Bagheera, that was a  couple of months old – but then my aunt found this beauty, and couldn’t resist her.

She was a tiny kitten, just six weeks old. I still have the adorable pink and blue ribbon that was tied around her neck when my Aunt brought her to me. She was adorable… and scared to death of Baggy boy. She hid under my woodstove for several hours before I was able to coax her out with wet food.

I will never forget the first night she spent with me… Her being so young, I felt she would do better in the bed with me, of course – it wouldn’t have mattered if she was six years instead of six weeks… she would have been in my bed anyway. So I gathered up both cats, making sure the litter and water was accessible, and off to bed we went.

Once the lights went out and they stopped playing the both curled up together beside me and slowly I drifted off to sleep. Only to be awakened a little while later by sucking noises… I couldn’t see, so I turned on the light… and what did I find?

I found my five month old MALE cat, allowing this tiny adorable baby to NURSE on his non-existent teats. She was suckling and kneading just like they do a mama cat, and he seemed to have no problem at all with it. He actually acted like he liked it! This went on for a long time, and I don’t know that she ever stopped – that is until he was run over by a car in my parents drive way while waiting for me to get home from work.

Another wonderful awakening prompted by Miss Magi and her brother Baggy was after she was about three months old, and VERY agile. They had figured out a way to get up on top of my closet and they loved playing up there. Our house was so old that they didn’t put closets in when it was built, and this was just a plywood and 2×4 closet that was built years after the house.

Anyway, they were running about and raising hell and I wanted to sleep – so I turned off the light. They got quiet and settled down, so I went on to sleep, knowing that by morning they’d both be snuggled safely in beside me.

Sometime around 3 am I was awakened by something landing right on my head. I sat bolt upright and turned on the light, only to find the two of them looking at me like “What?”. They had both pounced on me from the top of the closet, while I was sleeping…

She was a good friend, and my constant companion for 13 years, that’s a long time. I’m going to miss her.

5 thoughts on “And so it ends…

  1. I am sorry for your loss. 😦 I am glad you had so many wonderful memories of her and that she had a happy home.

    • Aww thanks Taylor – I went and walked the road this morning – praying I wouldn’t find her – and I didn’t… she’s too smart for that anyway. She was old… and she had cancer – so it’s a logical thought that she’s gone. I will miss her, but she had a GREAT life!

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