Where do we go from here?

Wow… sitting here today, I got thinking… in just 4 short years all of our children will be 18. Now, I know that Little Man probably won’t be ready to live on his own, but then again – there are always “halfway houses” that he will probably want to go to. So I am sitting here thinking now, where will we go from there… when the children are grown, and moved out?

Five years is the most I expect any of them to be home… even if Our Girl goes to school and lives with us, within a couple of years, she’ll head for a University and dorm life. *sigh* Same with Our Guy… our hopes hinge on that for Little Man too…

But then, where will we be… what will we do?

For one – I will have a set of glasses, an entire set, unbroken. That’s been an issue for years now, seems like no matter how heavy the glass, my kids seem to break them. Except for the mason jar glasses they seem to accumulate somehow. It’s like living on a farm… all we have is mason jars to drink from… fitting since we pretty much drink nothing but sweet tea.

Another is the laundry… or lack thereof. One, maybe two loads a week, and we’re covered!

Dishes – will be a breeze when it’s just the two of us.

Keeping the house clean is a no brainer…

NOW I understand how old people keep such a neat home! Nobody is there to mess it up! They can clean, and unless THEY make a mess, it stays clean… what a freakin’ concept… wow

I can do what I want, when I want, and not have to worry about “who will watch the kids” or “what will we do with the kids” I will never have sitters again…

Although all that sounds great…

I won’t hear “Good morning mom” and feel the sun warmed arms of Our Guy snake around my neck as i make coffee.

I won’t hear “Oh Mommy! Thank you!” As I neatly curl and spray the last tendril of Our Girl’s hair for prom.

I won’t see the beautiful artwork they often put on my refrigerator for me.

I won’t hear Little Man chatting away to the television on Saturday morning, or yelling Hey Mom – Guess What? – What LM? – Chicken Butt!!!

I won’t have the noise and excitement of teenagers coming and going, and their friends stopping by to say “Hi Mom”.

Yeah… I guess there are a lot of things I won’t have… but I will have one…

I will have the knowledge that I’ve done my job, to the best of my ability, and now my children are proving it – one day at a time.


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