30 Day Blog Journal – Day 24

Whew… coming to an end of this guys… only a few more days!

Today is Day 24 of my blog journal – and it’s about where I live…

I live in a small town in Northwest Georgia. The town of Rome.

Rome is an interesting town, really. It’s small to say the least. Well, small to me, the population is just over 34,000 and is really the largest city in Northwest Georgia.

We have three colleges – Shorter, Georgia Highlands, and Berry.

Martha Berry is probably by far the most famous citizen of this town. Quite an interesting story she has… just click the link for the Wiki!

President Woodrow Wilson’s wife  is buried in Myrtle Hill cemetery, along with scads of Civil War soldiers, both Confederate and Union.

Much of Rome was spared during Sherman’s March to the Sea because the downtown area had been converted to a giant hospital. Serving both sides, Sherman had mercy on a merciful town, and didn’t carry out his Special Orders to their fullest in our city.

Martha Berry College is really a very beautiful campus:


The Clock Tower downtown is beautiful!!


And here’s how the town looked during a nasty flood in the 1800’s


Also in the 1800’s:


Yes, Rome, Georgia has a vast and varied history. It’s a quaint little town.

But behind the scenes Rome also has an unemployment rate of 10.8. Next week another plant will close. 500 people will no longer have jobs.

Rome has two movie theaters, but it’s nearly $8 each for adults.

Rome also has a methamphetamine problem, and gang related crimes are on the rise.

Unfortunately this could be said for any town in the US today.

Stay tuned… Day 25 is about my day… in great detail – oh joy… You know, on second thought, you might just want to skip tomorrow and come on back for Day 26, which is my week in great detail… although I don’t know if putting an entire week’s worth of days together in one post would be more interesting, or more painful… I guess we’ll find out!


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