30 Day Blog Journal – Day 20

Today is day 20 and it is supposed to be a hobby of mine. I talked on Day 19, which was supposed to be yesterday – but wasn’t… don’t judge… it’s been a busy week… On Day 19 I talked about a talent of mine, and discussed my jewelry making.  I would imagine it would really qualify as a hobby, since I really haven’t sold anything so it’s not really a business.

However, I’m going to talk about the hobby I spend the most time on when I’m not here, and that’s gaming.

I’ve talked before about what a wired family we are… and how much we all love to game. Recently, I moved out of the realm of “games for kids” and into big people games on the Xbox 360. Now, instead of playing Lego Star Wars, UP, or Lego Indiana Jones – I’m playing things like Assassins Creed 2, Bio-Shock, and Fallout 3.

It really isn’t a new hobby either, this is something I’ve done for a LONG time. My son Jon and I used to compete to see who could beat the new game first. I would play while he was in school, and he would play in the evenings. Whoever beat the game first won. It was always my son.

Of course I did realize that I was gaming with a gaming genius. There’s not been a video game of any format that he couldn’t beat!  The challenge was always fun!

Yeah… I know, funny hobby for a  40-something grandmother… but hey, you have to do something!


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