30 Day Blog Journal – Day 19

A talent of mine… hmmmm…

Well, I apparently have a talent for keeping children alive… so far out of our seven, not even one of them has been mortally wounded. I figure that’s a darned good talent to have… especially with as many kids as we have roaming about.

I also have a little bit of an “artistic” flair…

I made the jewelry, and took the photo…

Just a couple of the pieces I’ve done… I love making custom one-of-a kind stuff… of course trying to sell them isn’t easy.

I also write, unless you haven’t noticed. Sometimes, I even write well.

I guess I’m multi-talented… 😀

Tomorrow will be Day 20 – and it’s a hobby of mine… ummm – well if you don’t utilize your talents as hobbies they’re wasted… we’ll see if I can come up with something 😉


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