30 Day Blog Journal – Day 18

So Day 18 is about my wedding, or my future wedding…

Wow…I guess I could talk about my first wedding… eh – other than my uncle giving me away, it was a true non event.  My second wedding was nice… however, my future/former mother-in-law came in and took over. She hurt my mom’s feelings, and I never got over it.

Then there was my third wedding… which was by far the most awesome – I made my dress, and one of my bridesmaids dresses. I created all the flower arrangements and bouquets. My best-friend since first grade made the cake. It was pretty… but again – other than those few special things… totally a non event.

But… the most memorable thing about my third wedding (other than the divorce), was the honeymoon.

Now, I got married on September 1. Yes, I know – silly me, I forgot it was Labor Day… *uggh*. Thankfully, there were no military funerals that weekend, or we would have had no tents. Please, don’t ask… It’s really a long, and very touching story.

Anyway, digression is my favorite pastime I think…

We scheduled a 10 day vacation touring our nations capital. It was a $3,000 trip that had us leaving on September 2 and returning on September 12. Oh, yeah… guess I forgot to mention the year… the year was 2001. We were scheduled to tour the Smithsonian’s, Air and Space, the National Zoo, Arlington Cemetery, and finally on our last day, the 11th – the Pentagon.

Yes… I did say it. We were scheduled to tour the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Our tour, according to the travel agent, was scheduled to start at 9:15 and we should always arrive 15 minutes early. That would have placed us in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 – at 8:30 A.M. (because my husband translated the “15” minute wait into 30 for government).

However, waaay back on September 1, 2001 – remember this is about my wedding, a friend from my husband’s work offered us a deal we could not refuse. Not only could not, but would not! The offer??  Only a freakin’ condo on Folly Beach in Charleston SC… rent free – for a WEEK!

OK – two reasons this vacation could not be ignored… 1. it was FREE 2. It was Charleston freakin’ South Carolina


So we went to Charleston and ate the most incredible seafood. I made homemade key lime pie. We drank a lot of vodka. We strolled on the very private beach. We toured Old Charleston and photographed cemeteries, grave stones, church steeples, statues, and more. We drove out to Patriot’s Point and toured the air craft carrier. We toured a German U-boat. We even tried a flight simulation…

It was an amazing and wonderful week…

We came home from our vacation and had a week to settle into the groove of combining our homes… and our kids. We took in movies, went hiking, walked on the river, and bought a dog. On September 11th, I went back to work. My husband stayed home. He was asleep when we heard the news…

Is it not the most amazing thing? How God works? The things He does to protect His children?

Ya’ll I firmly believe that God laid it on our friends heart to give us his condo for a week. He knew what was about to happen… and knew where we would be. He felt that it wasn’t our time, and He changed our plans.

Our God protected us.

The horror of the following days sunk in and we both experienced a true sense of relief. It was incredible to think where we would have been inside the Pentagon when that plane hit the building… thank God we didn’t have to find out.

Tomorrow is Day 19, and is about a talent of mine. Also, check out Nurse’s Notes on Wednesday; I’m guest posting over there about being a teenaged mom. I’m so excited and honored to be featured over there! Please, stop by and show some love!!!


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