Another *gulp* bridge crossed without a fire…

So. yeah.

We just let Our Girl leave to go camping. Our Girl is going camping with A. For those of you who don’t know who A is… you can read all about it here.

Along with A are her best friend Miss A, her boyfriend R, and A’s brother, The Marine.

Oh yeah… they also took Our Guy and Miss A’s brother Go-Boy.

Ok, mother’s of teens… stop shaking… I know, I know… it scared the crap out of me too.

Frankly, for the record, you all should know, that I. Don’t. Approve. My original answer was No way,  no how. Nyet… Nein, Not just No, but HELL No.

However, the hubs and I talked about it… and we know that Our Girl is trustworthy. We also know that A is trustworthy. Yes they did get in trouble once… but then, don’t all dating couples get in trouble once in a while… they’ve been together a year, there are bound to be boundaries pushed, rules broken, and general mistakes in that time.

For the most part they’re trustworthy. And Our Guy and Go-Boy don’t stop for love nor money. They’ll keep all the adults on their toes, that’s for sure. Oh yeah… forgot to mention, everyone in this group aside from Our Girl, Our Guy, and Go-Boy are “adults”. The Marine is 23… and well, in case you didn’t guess… he’s a Marine. He just got back from Afghanistan a couple of months ago, and is preparing to redeploy in September. He’s spending all the time he can with the kids while he’s got the chance… who knows what will happen when he returns to active field duty.

So after assurances that there would be no “boy-girl” tent sharing from the Marine, and knowing they’re not going to do anything too stupid… we gave in and let them go. I hope they prove us right. I hope the lessons we’ve taught, and the talks we’ve had have proved effective.

Most of all, I hope they have fun and come home safe and sound.


3 thoughts on “Another *gulp* bridge crossed without a fire…

    • Oh Mindee – the girl is lucky that her daddy went to bat for her on this one… I was two second away from telling her no…
      They had a blast, and should be home any minute…

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