30 Day Blog Journal – Day 16

So today is day 16 of the blog journal, and is about a song that makes you cry (or nearly).

Honestly ya’ll this was the easiest of these so far. I have one song, one very special song, that has always made me cry. First I will tell you that my cousin, Art has one too. And I’m going to tell you about the one my cousin cries over… every time he hears it. His song?  “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Now I must tell you that my cousin is 55 years old, and still plays with Castle Lego. Of course he plays with his older brother (He’s 56) Lester. And Lester uses the plastic “Little Green Army Men”. I have a photograph of one of their epic battles, I’ll have to find and scan it. Anyway…

When Art was young he could (as far as I know he still can) cry on command. Not just the sort-of believable crying either… I’m talking great big crocodile tears running down his cheeks. But… he has a soft spot, so all he has to do is thing of something sad… and he cries. When he heard this song he was about 9 and he sobbed. My Aunt said that there was no WAY he could be faking it… He was for real… and he’ll tell you himself, to this day, he just cannot hear that song without crying.

I have a song like that… it was one of my Dad’s favorite songs before he died.

Terry Jacks – Seasons in the Sun – 1974

For those of you who don’t remember my dad… Here’s a story for you.  This song still played on the radio a lot in 1979… and it’s the first song I really remember hearing after I found out about dad dying… It’s an incredibly touching farewell to friends and loved ones from a dying man. There is some interesting info about the song on Wikipedia… it was originally a French song.  And the original lyrics are quite a bit different from the lyrics we know today. Check out the links and you’ll know why I prefer the Terry Jacks version.

I can normally get through the first two verses of this song without a problem… but man… once the last verse comes on – I’m a done deal….

Goodbye, Michelle, my little one,
You gave me love and helped me find the sun,
And every time that I was down
You would always come around
And get my feet back on the ground;
Goodbye, Michelle, it’s hard to die
When all the birds are singing in the sky,
Now that the spring is in the air,
With the flowers everywhere,
I wish that we could both be there!

I could almost imagine that the song was saying my name when I listened to this verse… and it always makes me cry – and I wonder if my dad is looking down softly whispering the lyrics in my ear…

I’d like to think he is

And my version of the second first… to my dad:

Goodbye, Papa, please pray for me. I am the black sheep of the family.
You tried to teach me right from wrong. Too much wine and too much song, wonder how we got along.
Goodbye, Papa, it’s hard to see you die when all the birds are singing in the sky. Now that the Spring is in the air
Your grand children ev’rywhere. When I see them, you’ll be there.

We had joy. We had sun. We had seasons in the sun, but the hills we would climb were just seasons out of time

Tomorrow, is Day 17 and I’ll be sharing an art piece… hrm…


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