30 Day Blog Journal – Day 14

Ok, so today was truly a challenge for me – because I truly love fiction, and read very little non-fiction, unless you count my Bible! Which, by the way, is totally my FAVORITE non-fiction book ever!

I have a lot of non fiction – books that I treasure beyond all others, because they belonged to my grandpa, and when he died they were passed on to me.

But those aren’t books that I read – they’re great coffee table books, conversation starters, or Art books.

One book, that I dearly loved, that was my grandfathers, but I really READ it was an interesting tale of a Japanese soldier who lived UNDERGROUND on Guam for 28 years AFTER the war was over.

I looked around for the book today so I could scan the cover – because this book was printed in 1971… however it’s packed… but I found this on the net:


This story is so amazing! I found a link that kind of goes into detail about the book and Sergeant Yokoi.

Left behind after the war, Yokoi crafted his own clothing, work implements, and hunted this small island for food. He lived in a cave dug into a creek bank – which is where he was “captured” 28 years after the war was over.

This story is truly amazing; it is nearly unbelievable that someone could re-invent their lives in such a way. Imagine, knowing you are an unwanted soldier in unfriendly territory – and you have been left behind by your entire army. Not only that, but now you have to survive, clothe yourself, and figure out how not to get caught by the locals.

There were actually three of these guys out there, two were apprehended in 1960 – a full 11 years before Yokoi was found.

What an incredible story of human endurance, and passion to live – no matter where or the circumstances. Just an interesting and awe inspiring story of survival.

So that’s Day 14! Tune in tomorrow for Day 15, my dream house… oh boy – this ought to be good!

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