A Blog with Substance or I got an AWARD!

Yeah, I woke up this morning in not such a great mood… We’re broke, I mean honestly and totally broke. Which means no gas, no laundry, no dishes, no nothing… Not to mention that I’ve been a smoker for 30 years – and now I am a “forced” non-smoker. Nothing worse. I’m an evil bitch from hell and everyone around me is running for cover!
So I was way, way tickled to get up and find an award for my blog sitting in my comments!
M – at Betty Crapper, one of my favorite cooking blogs has awarded me with this:

It is so nice to be recognized as a Blog with Substance! I try very hard to post things that are interesting and relevant to my readers, while maintaining my integrity as a writer. I write for myself, with my readers in mind – if that makes sense.

So as part of this award I have a couple of things to do:

The guidelines for accepting this award are:

  • thank the person who gave you the award.
  • sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience in/with five words.
  • choose ten other blogs you consider to have substance.

So without further ado:

1. Thank you so very much M@Betty Crapper – I really appreciate your bloggy love and comments! You are one of my constant readers, and for that I am truly thankful!!!

2. Blogging philosophy, motivation, experience  in 5 words???  – Ok… M you’ve been reading long enough to know that five words just don’t work for me… right? I’ll try:

  • Release (as in release the muse that talks in my ear… all. the. time. this is motivation)
  • Writing (as in I love to write, and this is my outlet for that – aside from the 7 novels I’ve started and left behind inspiration/motivation)
  • Relevance (as in I try to maintain a relevance to my audience, while writing what I want to write. Philosophy)
  • Enjoyment (this is what I get out of writing my blog, reading comments, and visiting those who visit me – this is both motivation and philosophy – If I don’t enjoy what I’m writing, chances are you won’t enjoy reading it).
  • Fulfillment (this is another thing I get out of writing – I feel fulfilled! I’m letting my muse speak, and boy does she have a lot to say! This is inspiration, and motivation to write more)

Now, for the good stuff 10 people who’s blogs are A Blog of Substance:

  1. Momma May be Mad
  2. The Lumberjacks Wife
  3. Our Front Door
  4. Blogging Dangerously
  5. Free Anissa
  6. Momma’s Pixie Dreams
  7. The Daily Dribbles
  8. Never Growing Old
  9. Confessions of a Young Married Couple
  10. Scary Mommy

Stop by these wonderful blogs and show some love folks – and check out BettyCrapper for some AWESOME recipes and cooking tips!

And I just have to say one word about the top blog on this list: Momma May Be Mad. If you don’t visit any other blog on this list – please go here. I won’t tell the story – that is hers to tell – but let me just say she is one of the most inspiring bloggers I read – she’s traveled a long hard road and while her journey is far from over the stories of the journey on her blog are so gut wrenchingly real. She’s a true inspiration- and a wonderfully talented writer. Please, show some love!


15 thoughts on “A Blog with Substance or I got an AWARD!

  1. I’m pleased to be included in such fine company. 🙂

    Ok, I am very very sad that you are broke. That must be beyond scary. However, I hope you won’t hit me when I say that I’m glad you can’t smoke!

    • No, Mindee I surely won’t – this is just a much needed step in the right direction… No matter how bad I feel, or how cranky I get I cannot justify spending $4 on something that will kill me in lieu of providing for my children! It’ll be great when I’m over it!

  2. Wow I am honored! Thank you so VERY much!!! I am so sorry to hear that you are broke…I am in the process of job hunting which is not going so well! 😦

    I hope things turn around for you hun!

    Thanks again!!


  3. You are so welcome Java – your blog rocks! Thanks, I know how hard the job hunt goes… I have been looking for a year now, in a town where jobs are disappearing right and left by the day… Two more plants are pulling out of town in a month, leaving another 600+ people foundering in an already over saturated unemployment line.
    Once we sell this house – and we WILL (we’re asking a pittance) – we’re moving to a CITY where work is available!

  4. I am sorry for your bad day and troubles. I hope things look up soon! Thank you for the award. 🙂

    • Thanks Steph, it actually perked up my whole outlook. Let me know that I’m not doing this just for me – and that others do read and enjoy the blog!

  5. Congrats on your award, and thank you SO MUCH for passing it on to me!! It is much appreciated.

    I will definitely have to check out Momma May be Mad.

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