30 Day Blog Journal – Day 12

So… today is Day 12, and is “something you are OCD” about. Hmmm….

Well, I guess I could talk about how OCD I am about packing…

Or I could talk about my insane need to make lists:

I could even go into detail about how I’m so overly OCD about my dog and his long fur:

I’m not going to talk about any of those things, though. I think my real problem is my kitchen.

Everything, and I mean everything (right down to the dishtowels) must be in its place before I can go to bed. This makes for a very tired me, and a LOT of reminders to the kids. It means I’m super vigilant about dishes, counters, and floors. My stove looks like mirrored glass. My sink shines brilliantly – FlyLady would be proud! But then again – when you step into my house, you are in my kitchen. First impressions are pretty important, or so I tell myself.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July weekend! Stay safe!


One thought on “30 Day Blog Journal – Day 12

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