Disconnect to Connect?

I’ve talked before about what a wired family we are around here. Everyone has immediate access to a computer with internet at a moments notice. We all have an Xbox 360 at our fingertips. There are two HUGE televisions in our house – and one small one (mine) for such mundane things as actual television viewing. So this past week without internet was… interesting to say the least.

What with Our Guy being sullen and withdrawn, Our Girl upset that she couldn’t “say goodnight” to A every night” and Jon worried about school, nobody was happy with the situation. I too suffered from a bit of anxiety over my blog, my freelance work, and such. We worried about selling the house… our phone number was out there, but we couldn’t get calls.

But you know, after the first day or so it wasn’t so bad. We weren’t worried so much, it was only a few days. We relaxed and found other things to do. Our Guy actually stepped away from the computer and went outside, looked up old friends, and got himself invited to a birthday party this weekend.

Our Girl helped a lot around the house, got some packing and clothing sorting done, and was generally good company.

I reacquainted myself with my “drawing board” and did some jewelry design, some blog design (results to come soon) and some scrap-booking.

The hubster got caught up on his reading, finishing eight (yes 8) books this week.

We tried some new recipes, found stuff we liked, and discovered that Our Girl will actually eat Sausage gravy!

Of course, along with the good, we had some bad. That is to be expected with teenagers no matter what the circumstances. We have argued, been yelled at, yelled back, and grounded. But all in all – things went well in our short hiatus from the wired world. We learned a little more about each other, we gained some valuable understanding, and insight into communicating with our kids more effectively.

We reaffirmed our decision that we need more “unplugged” time. Now we’re back on track and one day a week we’re taking a break. No electronics. During the summer it can be any day – when school starts it’ll be a weekend day for sure. Even I will be stepping away from the blog, although I might cheat and have a post waiting to publish at midnight. But the key is to disconnect – so we can connect.

3 thoughts on “Disconnect to Connect?

  1. Hi Magimon,
    What a brilliant idea and quite courageous of your family to unplug for a while. Like your family, we are plugged-in in our household too and this would be a great way to refocus as a family.
    Periodically, I take time out and go on retreats where there is limited access but it would be worth it to try this at home.
    Glad to have stopped by on Share-fest SITS Saturday. Have a fun July 4th weekend!

  2. That is awesome!! Sounds like it was a highly productive week. We voluntarily “unplugged” ourselves for like an hour a few weeks ago and it was so wonderful. We sat outside one night and just enjoyed the night. It’s amazing how relaxing it is to put all that technology aside and truly unwind.

    Stopping by from SITS.

    • Yes it was a productive week – although I’m certainly glad to be back online – it does make one long for days of no phone, no lights, no motor cars! 🙂

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