So – the last time I updated was the day I posted my 100th post. Way back on Friday of last week. I’ve not been here at all since then. Matter of fact I woke up Friday morning – to no internet. Lovely way to start the weekend.
So, I’m going to give a quick recap of the last week – and prepare for the week to come.

Friday I woke up to no internet… around here that also means no phone. Yeah… well, I won’t say I forgot to pay the bill, because I knew that it was due – and I knew that they were going to shut us off if I didn’t pay it. However, due to things the way they are  – well… it just didn’t get paid. So, we had to wait until we got some money to pay it – and well, obviously, here we are.

Saturday and Sunday were realatively quiet. We really didn’t do much of anything, since it’s been so hot. The kids went swimming, all of them! So we had the house to ourselves.

Monday I woke up sick as a dog – I mean, sick sick. It was not pleasant. I couldn’t breath unless I was laying on my left side. Which sucked, because I can’t see the television in my room if I lay on my left side in the bed. So I spent two days on my left side, watching television over my shoulder. I ran a fever the entire day Monday, and most of the day Tuesday. Finally by Wednesday I was feeling better and able to move around.

Yesterday, Shawn ran into a friend that might be interested in buying the house!!! He’s offering a “good size” down payment, and $1,000 a month until he’s paid us $30,000 for the house. Yes, I am a bit skeptical of “owner financing”, but the man is a prominent Latino business owner here in town.  I honestly don’t think he’d try to screw us. Besides, we’ll still hold title on the house – until it’s paid for. We know the man, he’s a very hard worker, has a great family – that’s really close, and he takes pride in what he does. He would be perfect for this house. I’m just hoping the house is right for him. If we can get at least $10,000 down, we can move and pay one year off on the taxes owed. Which will knock the bill down to $1,500 and that can be easily paid as he makes the payments on the house. It would give us guaranteed income for at least 20 weeks, and that would allow us to save some money, and find jobs.

My oldest daughter called today, she just got back from my parents house. She went and spent the week with them and had so much fun! They went to Dollywood, the water park and North Carolina to get my aunt. They really enjoyed themselves. She and her boyfriend Matt are moving back to live with my parents until he can find some work. They just can’t afford to live where they are without him working, and he can’t find a job where he is.

It kind of makes me want to try for Knoxville instead of Chattanooga for work – since that’s only about an hour and a half away from my parents; three hours from my aunt. It would be good to be so close to family again. We’re just holding our breath and holding on until we can get this place sold.

We have gotten quite a bit more packing and cleaning done, which is a very good thing. I am certainly ready to get this show on the road for sure! I’m tired of being so totally broke I can’t see straight – and I am ready for a change. It will be refreshing to be in a new town, with new things to do and see. The kids are excited… to a point… They will miss their friends here – but they’re ready for some change too.

It’s looking very much like Our Girl and A might be “taking a break” from their year-long relationship.  I think it is the best thing for them. She’s going to be 17 in a couple of months, and a junior in high-school. She needs to be free and able to date, make friends, and have fun in her final high school years. She might actually get to go to her Junior and Senior proms! I’m just hoping that she can stick to the decision and that she can and will make friends quickly in her new school and neighborhood.

We have honeybees! Yep, sure do – a thriving little hive. I’m sure they’re making clover honey, which is totally the best kind – because that’s all we have in our yard is clover. No grass, no real flowers, or plants… just clover… almost an acre of it! So it comes as no surprise really, that the honey bees have taken a liking to our yard. However, their choice of abode is disturbing, especially since we’re trying to get ready to move. They have taken up residence in a pair of old computer towers in our shed. Not just in the shed, but right at the door of the shed. No matter what you may need out of there – you have to walk past the bee hive to get it. Normally, this would not be an issue, since they are fairly docile as bees go – and as long as you don’t really disturb the hive they’ll leave you alone. But we’ve got to move… meaning everything in that shed has to go past that bee hive and out. Everything, including the computer towers they are living in. So now, I am searching for bee keepers here in our town in hopes they’ll come remove the bees for free. My oldest son hopes very much to see them removed – he was stung 9 times getting some fishing poles out. Thankfully, he’s not allergic and he didn’t have a horrible reaction. Unfortunately, he did do a bit of swelling, and today it’s painful and itchy.

So, that’s our week… I’m back in the game now, and ready to go!


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