Hot in Cleveland?

OK – seriously have you guys heard of this show? It’s new, the premier was just this past week. It stars Valerie Bertinelli (remember One Day at a Time?!, I know – right?), Jane Leeves (can you say Frazier?! whoop), Wendy Malick (Just Shoot Me! SQUEE), and people – Betty freaking White! Also – John Schneider (Yee HAW – Beauregard Duke)

I don’t know how many of you saw Betty host Saturday Night Live but it was awesome, and reminded me in a very real way that getting old doesn’t have to mean being old.

The show was great! It was hilarious, Betty plays a caretaker in a home that Valerie rents, because she meets John on a layover in Cleveland.

The plot was funny and original, and supported very well by Jane and Wendy. I think the show is going to be if not a huge hit; successful at least. People are excited to see both Valerie and Betty back in the limelight, and the debut show drew 4.7 million viewers to TV Land… TV Land people… you know, Andy Griffith, Hogan’s Heroes, Beverly Hillbillies… yeah – TV Land!

I was pleased to see such great roles for these ladies, who’s return to television has been much anticipated and sorely needed. Good comedy, smart humor, and intelligent plot lines have been missing from the modern comedy – with the serious exception for Big Bang Theory, for a long time. Its good to see such a fun show on a network long known for keeping quality television on our plate for many years.


This post is not in anyway compensated by Hot in Cleveland, TV Land, or any other entity. It is not an advertisement – only the opinion of the author. Thank you!


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