30 Day Blog Journal – Day 5

My favorite quote… hrm – that’s funny… I’ve got several that I use regularly, depending on the situation.

First of all, though I must tell you my step-father’s favorite thing to say. We have an “inside joke” that he knows nothing about (let’s keep it that way girls!). 

First let me tell you just a bit about my step-dad… He’s a fourth generation Floridian. He “fished mullet” for 40 years before he was forced by developers to give up his families land and livelihood. Forced out not only by developers moving in, fishing laws were changed so that those in the industry had to work twice as hard to catch half the fish in a quarter of the time for an eight of the price. My stepdad would start fishing in November and the big weekend was always Christmas. For some reason the mullet enjoyed spawning on Christmas Eve, and in the 20 years I lived with mom and him – he was home one year. Dad quit school in the 9th grade to help his family fish and survive. It was what they did then. Anyway – he’s  not a “well educated” man. He’s down to earth, country boy… with a hint of the sailor in him.

Now, on with the quote… lord, look at me taking up half a post! Anyway, any time we are having a conversation with my stepdad and there is an opportunity to pause my stepfather fills it with “And all and the whole business”… Ummm… what Dad? – And all and the whole business…

Now, any time you visit my parents house, be prepared to hear this at least 10 times a day – if not an hour… it’s just habit for dad, just like saying “umm” or “you know” is for some people… his is just rather unique!

Ok –  now on to my favorite “quote”…

If better is possible, good is not enough. Benjamin Franklin

It just says it all really… but of course there are others I use frequently that I love, as well as a couple I heard routinely as a child growing up:

  1. One day your face will freeze like that
  2. Put on your big girl panties/batman underoos and deal with it.
  3. Life is a journey, not a destination.  Ralph Waldo Emerson
  4. If you do what you’ve always done… you’ll get what you’ve always got. Anthony Robbins
  5. The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave, is to profess courage and act accordingly Carrie Norris
  6. Life is a pure flame and we live by an invisible sun within us. Sir Thomas Brown
  7. Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value Thomas Edison
  8. The quality of your life is determined by the quality of the questions you ask yourself.
  9. What I fear, I create. Dr. Phil
  10. Happiness is…

Have a wonderful day! Next in the blog journal – 20 of my favorite things!


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