30 Day Blog Journal – Day 4

Well, today is day 4 of the blog journal! Today, its all about my favorite book.

But, you see folks – here is the trouble… I can’t name a favorite book – because I don’t have one. I read a lot – and I do mean a LOT. I don’t choose just one type of book either – I read horror, romance, fantasy, sci-fi and more… I don’t have a problem finding a book to interest me.

With that said – I will say that one of the most finely crafted pieces of literature I’ve ever laid my hands and eyes on is a little gem by the title “A Confederacy of Dunces”. The book is… intellectually hilarious. It was written by a very dark, disturbed young man, and not published until a couple of years after his suicide.

Ok – anyway… instead of a list of books because you’ll get that later… I’m going to choose a favorite Author

So… at the moment, my favorite author happens to be Laurel K. Hamilton

She writes “grown up” vampire tales – that make the vamps in Stephanie Myers books seem like children learning a new game. She is phenomenal at the supernatural and has created a strong, independent (fiercely), and talented woman as the main character – and it’s good, good stuff. She writes two series – one about the Faye – and Merry Gentry. My hubster reads these, I don’t… they’re a little more on the risqué side for me. Nope, I go for the monsters every time – Anita Blake… Vampire Hunter!

So, as with everything else on this list, I’ve complied a few of my favorite authors for you to wonder over my sanity about:

  1. Stephen King

  2. Dean Koontz

  3. Mark Twain

  4. Piers Anthony

  5. Tim LaHaye

  6. Jerry Jenkins

  7. Frank Peretti

  8. Nicholas Sparks

  9. Rebecca Wells

  10. Jules Verne

Yep, a bit of the eclectic in the book department too! So, there you are… day 4 done. Stay tuned… Day 5 is the ever exciting favorite quote… whew… this ought to be interesting!!


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