Wow – I am so excited. I’ve been invited to be a guest writer for an online parenting magazine! It’s new, and just getting its feet wet. The site is run by a wonderful lady I’ve been working with off and on for about 8 or 9 years. I’ve written a series of parenting articles titled So You’re Having a Teenager, and the series is going to be featured in the magazine! I am so excited I can hardly stand it! I can’t go into details right now – but as soon as things are finalized I will certainly let you know!

On to the next – which is power cleaning my house, when I don’t feel like doing anything but playing Xbox! Also- we’re taking a trip to see Little Man on Tuesday, so tomorrow is going to be spent in front of the sewing machine – hemming cut-off shorts for him.

All thing’s considered it seems like the week will be rather laid-back, or so I hope. I can never tell just when the insanity will start – but it’s usually right about the time I relax!

Here’s hoping Monday dawns with good attitudes and nice teenagers.

Good-bye Sunday! Bring on the next!


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