Those of you with tweens, teens, or preteens will know just how horribly irritating that word is. Any time I say something Our Girl isn’t pleased with I hear “Whatever” under her breath. I don’t know why this is so darned irritating for me. I guess I hear = “You know mom, I don’t really give  a rat’s ass about what you have to say, so I’m not gonna listen, oh and you can kiss my butt if you think I’m going to do what you say” instead of  “Whatever”.

I hear this constantly, and frankly it annoys the crap out of me, but I just cannot seem to get her to quit it! She doesn’t even realize she’s doing it most  of the time… it’s like she has no clue what words are coming out of her mouth. As if the filter has come loose and fallen out.

So last night she came in and asked if she could spend the night with a friend. I said “whatever”, and walked away. He father looked at me funny and raised his eyebrows. She just stopped with her jaw drop expression, and looked at me like I had nine eyes and antenna suddenly sprout from my head.

Hubs was all – so can she go? and I was all – whatever…

Finally, she was allowed to go – and I think she has seen the light about the use of Whatever. She has realized that it’s not really an answer – AND it is really annoying…


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