Two down, three to go!

Well, we made it mid way through another week! Yay…

Good news? Still haven’t killed the kids – they’re both alive and well, although I think before the week is over they’ll be goners.

Bad news? Still not even a decent nibble on the house and we’re getting frustrated. Only a few more weeks of unemployment left and we’re on our own financially. And we’ve got to face facts – there really is no work here.

So – dear friends, it’s looking very much like I’m going to have to take the option I didn’t want. I’m going to have to leave my family and go to Tennessee to find work without them. I’ll go stay at my sis-in-law’s and job hunt until I find something. Then I’ll work until I’ve saved money to get us a place. Then we can just put this thing on the market at our asking price and let it sit until it sells. This is not the choice we want to make, and it is certainly not what we think is best for our family – but it might be what we have to do. We’re waiting out the week to see what comes by Friday -but this does not look good, people, not good at all.

So – more good news? We got report cards back this week and both kids passed! Our Girl is now a Junior and Our Guy is a new Freshman this year! We are so excited and happy for them – they did really, really well at pulling this year back from the brink of failure. Our Girl wasn’t even on track to be a junior until half way through next year until last month… and now she’s golden. All total she needed 12 credits for her junior year (academic only) She has 15 credits – 2 of them are electives, which gives her 13 academic! YAY!

Little man is doing “Okay” – more on that on his blog later this week. We did talk to his therapist, and we’re back to a wait and see with him on the new medication.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up so far this week – aside from having a migraine since Sunday night that just won’t shake off.

Have a great Wednesday, and don’t forget about my Facebook link over there! PLEASE??

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