Sunday Smiles

Through the week, I get focused on the topics I want to cover and I don’t remember to add in the little things that make me smile, or say “Wow – what a great kid”. So, today I’m posting  a list of things that have made me smile this week:

  • Jacalyn called and I heard my grandson giggle and laugh at the sound of my voice over the phone!
  • My oldest daughter Kyla called, just to say I Love You Mom.
  • We had three different bites on the house this week!
  • I survived another trip to Walmart with both my sanity and a little money left over. I know, amazing, right?
  • Our Girl and Our Guy’s report cards came in today:
    • Our Girl – 3 B’s, 1 A, and 2 C’s – 9 credits, bringing the total to 16, she needed 12 to be a Junior!
    • Our Guy – 4 A’s, 2 B’s – promoted to his Freshman year! Woohoo!!!
  • I am so proud of both of them for their accomplishments this year – it’s been rough, long, and trying, but worth every step to see them both advance!
  • I gave my little pup Footnote another haircut… this dog’s hair grows so fast, it’s unbelievable! He’s too cute though, imagine a Pomeranian with a neck! Heheheeh

So those are some of the things that have made me smile this week, I hope you have had some lovely smiles along the way as well!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


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