Friday Funnies – That’s how we roll, yo!

The Contest Begins

Around our house we have “nicknames” for most of our pets. The two in the photo above? Starey Cat and Velcro Puppy. In this photo they are engaged in the activity which earned the cat his nickname – a Staring Contest. Now, if any of you has ever had a staring contest with a cat, you know what the poor pup is up against…

This occurred whilst I was watching the hubs beat Assassins Creed on the Xbox last night. I was sitting in the chair with all 3 little dogs, and Starey Cat… I knew it was going to be trouble when he added himself to the already unstable mix.

And so it begins... I'm scared!

Notice (and please forgive the attire – it was after 9pm after all, no judging) that I’ve got my arm tucked out-of-the-way… that’s because I’m SCARED ya’ll. These two are about to fight the epic battle right there in the chair with me! Also – my son fails at keeping me out of photographs. He so doesn’t get to use my camera again!

Anyway – this staring thing went on for a long time, probably five minutes, and Velcro Puppy got excited and started lunging at Starey Cat  hoping, in vain, to interrupt his concentration. This cat cannot be swayed – his golden eyes look deep into hers… ears back – tail twitch, swish, twitch, swish – suddenly – THWACK@#$$%

Starey Cat smacks the crap out of Velcro Puppy and she whines, and jumps back. Starey Cat, feeling rather accomplished by his landslide win, hops off the chair and heads to the water bowl, after all you must replace all that is lost after a sporting event.

Velcro Puppy assumed the position which earned her nickname:

I'm gonna get you Starey Cat!

Notice the arrows pointing to the cat’s current location at the water dish on the other side of my table. The thing you can’t see from this photo is her grip on the chair. This dog has a way of embedding herself into the chair. You can’t move her without force. It’s like black Velcro!

Meanwhile at the foot of the chair – Piggy (Gracie) was not amused:

Will these children never learn?

Yep, that’s how we roll around here… the evening entertainment consists of staring contests and epic battles right in my chair, who needs the Xbox with that kind of excitement?  – that’s what I love about my life – never a dull moment!

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Happy Friday!!


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