Scary situations

So, along with my seven children, I have also picked up a few strays over the years… You know the ones, the friends of your kids that just have a hard luck situation at home, or are just so endearing that you can’t help but fall in love…

Most of my son Jon’s friends have been this way over the years, especially the girls. I have a feeling that he keeps finding women that he can “take care of” and unfortunately that’s because he’s taken care of me for so long. But I digress… My son has a friend who is 4 days younger than my oldest daughter Kyla. (She’s 25) She kind of reminds me of my daughter in ways, but in other ways she reminds me of someone who’s dropped one too many hits of acid…

Unfortunately in this situation – my son’s friend whom I will call “J” probably has dropped one (or more) too many hits of acid… she’s just a tinge different shall we say. She’s a wonderful girl, and very bright and talented – also and excellent mother… She is also bi-polar, and prone to histrionics in the way that most bipolar’s are… So anyway, she calls me today after she’s stepped on a wasp. She thinks it was dead when she stepped on it, but it stung her anyway (which is by the way totally possible). She’s getting all stiff in the shoulders and neck… her stomach is upset; her throat and tongue are tingly. Hmmm… well, I know she’s got the baby at home, and it would be dangerous for her to drive herself, and nobody else can go… Ok – I’ll take you to Immediate Care. She had already taken a double dose of baby Benadryl, but I told her to take another double and I’d be right there. Thankfully, it’s a small town and I’m less than five minutes away.

So Shawn takes me over, and we head out. She was ok when I first picked her up, but I could tell all the way to Immediate Care that she was feeling worse. When her husband called to check on us, she just handed me the phone…  Thankfully she lives really close to the clinic, less than five miles – so we made it in just a few minutes. I dropped her at the door, parked and gathered the baby and stuff (remind me how freaking hard this was when I volunteer to keep my grandson for a week this summer, PLEASE)!

As soon as the baby and I got in the door they met me to take us back. We arrived to find her being whisked to a room with an epi-pen in the nurses hand. By this time her toenails were blue, and she was starting to look like the chick in the Black No 1 video(Name that band!)… blue lips and all…

Once the epi went in they called 911 – yes, guys it was THAT freaking serious… Anyway… the ambulance arrived, and I packed the baby back in the car and drove the 2 minutes to the hospital around the corner… yep, the one I passed on the way to Immediate Care – but because of her insurance, she needed to go there first, because they frown on ER visits for “non emergencies” during office hours – this totally not being an emergency and all… folks, let me tell you something… when the doctor’s office calls an ambulance for your ass – it was an emergency in the first dang place!

So at the hospital things went rapidly, a quick shot of steroids, some paperwork… oh and a prescription for Benadryl and off we went for home. Something that could have been very, very bad turned out pretty good, and for that I am thankful…

Funny though, because at first I didn’t really want to go anywhere, I have so much to do… and honestly I thought she might be overreacting just a bit… I hesitated, but then something in my gut said – No, you should probably go.

I’m really glad I did though – thankfully all is well in her little world – and I know that my “Mommy Senses” work for kids other than my own too!

6 thoughts on “Scary situations

    • No, we were at an Immediate Care center – they called an ambulance and took her to the ER after giving her an epi shot… they said that was all they could do there…

  1. I’m so glad you went to pick her up! Just imagine if you hadn’t been home or if you’d told her to wait and see how she felt in an hour. I’m so glad she had somebody like you who she could call! Way to keep your “Mommy senses” sharp!

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