Sunday Morning Conversations

So this morning we’re sitting in the husbster’s “man cave” (which is more like my dining room turned man cave) watching him play Assassins Creed and discussing the Templar’s. I know – right? ( I understand that this first line honestly screams geek, please to not judge me, thank you).

Anyway – the conversation slowly wound through some very interesting turns and twists as our conversations normally do. We started with the Templar’s in the game, but then because Our Guy was showing some interest, we actually went into the history a little. Then we discussed the fact that the last remnant of the Templar is related to Switzerland, and how odd it is that nobody has ever attacked them, because in their neutrality they are “weak” according to certain standards. Then we talked about war, and the wars here, and Jon, my oldest son made a comment about women during world war two being considered weak because they didn’t work. And then, dear readers – then, somehow, the whole convoluted mess turned to SHOES. I couldn’t make this up, so just bear with me, please!

I think the shoe stuff started with Jane Mansfield and her legs, and how wonderful women’s legs were back then because they totally did housework and chased children in 3 inch pumps y’all! Then I started remembering my favorite pair of my grandmother’s shoes – Gold Lame Leather Hand Tooled, 3 in pumps… these shoes were so beautiful, and they were tiny – size 6! My grandmother wore them for years, and passed them down to me…

So then, Jon decides the whole “Gold Lame” {sic} was beyond his comprehension. He was all “Well, I just know that you can go by MENS shoes by type, and you don’t have all those descriptors. They are shoes… tennis shoes, basket ball shoes, dress shoes, walking shoes… What is the Gold, whatever”

I continued to discuss “pumps” describing what the term kind of meant, and he honestly looked me dead in the eye and said “What part of your shoe pumps you up“?

I was unable to speak….

This is how we roll around here folks, one minute you’re talking death, war, and destruction, and the next – I am rendered speechless, because of shoes…. *sigh*

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Conversations

  1. That’s so funny, and I can relate.

    We have 3 sons and the way conversation begins and ends is always funny.

    You can imagine the topics: 3 boys and all.

    Followed you from SITs, and love your friendly,open writing style! I’m your newest follower.

    • Well, thanks! Happy to have you as a follower – I know what you mean about boys – we have four of them, three at home… along with my husband, it can become quite a riot, especially since they’re all 16 and over!

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