Commercial Love

We were watching television yesterday afternoon, and a very interesting Ad came on. It was a JCPenney ad for Dockers pants… and if you haven’t seen it… OMG hilarious!

This was the Docker’s Super Bowl commercial this year.  I hadn’t seen it until yesterday. I turned to my husband and the following conversation ensued:

Me: So, am I to believe from the facts presented in this commercial, that somewhere out there is an entire community of men who refused to wear pants? That they spent their entire life in “tighty whiteys”?

Hubs: Yes, and until now, they never ever found pants that they would be willing to wear.

Me: So… Where were these guys? And how did there get to be so many of them? There are NO women, what is the deal with that?

Hubs: I dunno babe – seems fishy to me…

Me: Well, I just don’t understand where this community of men has been living and working all this time running around with NO PANTS… I mean, what if our kids saw them with no pants…

Hubs: Oh trust me, if our kids had seen these guys we’d know about it…

And he popped his headphones back on his head and laughed. I sat and thought about the marketing ploy used in this commercial. Because unlike 1-800-contacts “Overly Dramatized Dramatization” you do not go into this commercial with a preconceived notion that it’s supposed to be funny. So you look up at the screen and see 10 or so men dressed in various shirts, suits, and tank tops, and their underwear. They are marching across a field singing “I… I wear no… I weeaar  no pants”… and you wonder??? A. Why do you wear no pants… and B. How do you get away with that crap, because if I could – I would totally stop wearing pants all together.

And the last line… Men – It’s time to wear THE PANTS! ROFL – as if, until now, this obscure community of working class pantsless men had NO OPTION but to go without their pants… Until, of course, Dockers created THE PANTS!

Way too funny for words – and if they carry them in hubs size, I’m so buying him a pair, because honestly, I’m tired of looking at his boxers.


5 thoughts on “Commercial Love

  1. Oh my gosh – that’s hilarious! I’ve never seen this ad before. I’m sure there are places for pants-less people to live and work, and lead highly productive lives until they find the right pair of pants. Peace. 🙂

    SITS visiting & blog following.

    • I have never laughed so hard at a commercial until this one! I’m sure somewhere out there the pants-less folks have a home – I just hope my kids don’t find it!

  2. I laugh every time I see this commercial! It’s even more awkward when you sing it walking through the office…

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