Weekend Warp

Well, happy Monday… I guess!? On the bright side it’s the last week of school here. Now I’ll have two bored teenagers with nothing they want to do. Our Girl would like to spend all day every day with her boyfriend, doing whatever they decide to do… but that’s so not gonna happen. Our Guy would like to spend every moment he’s awake on his computer. Again – not gonna happen. I’m giving them (hopefully) the first couple of days of their summer break to relax and do whatever… then they’re mine. They will be packing boxes, and sorting clothing… getting this house ready to move.

I cannot do it alone, and I want them to learn how to do these things right. I know I’m really picky, and I’ve promised not to be too insane about it… But I want them to learn the right way to do things; they need to learn that books go in one box while the breakable things go in another, neatly wrapped in paper or bubble wrap in another. They have to learn how to keep their stuff intact. I hope this move helps, they’re both old enough to learn from it.

I want to instill a bit of “neatness” in them, a sense of pride, even in something so mundane as packing. The best way to realize that goal, is to see the end result, when the scramble to find everything in the new house begins – and instead of having to tear open every box they have, they simply need to find the box they know they put it in.

It’s an opportunity for a life lesson I suppose, and working closely with them on packing and getting ready to move, will help me help them sort out their feelings about the move.

Even though they both act excited about the whole thing, I know they both have their worries and doubts. Our Girl is going to be leaving her friends and her boyfriend. Our Guy is leaving behind friends, and the only place he’s ever called home with us. They’re apprehensive about the stability of the situation. They are afraid to sell our house, that is paid for, to strike out and move back to renting. They worry about our not being able to find jobs, or not being able to keep all of our pets… they think about these things in the cold dark hours of the night. I worry that the adjustment will be hard on them, but I also know that staying here, in the town with a 20% unemployment rate, and the only job that is available is 12 hours  a week making biscuits at the McDonald’s will eat at us and them – and it won’t get us any closer to stability.

Our Girl’s boyfriend A is losing his job in July because another plant is closing down – 500 jobs, gone… The company that I work for is leaving town and taking with it 300 jobs, and people from the town. There is one plant left, and there is talk that it too is about to close – then of course the Paper Plant, that provides a couple of thousand jobs, but we don’t see it closing any time soon.

I miss the days when I could file a resume and get a call back the very next day because the job market was pliant and open. I miss being able to go spend 8 hours with other adults and not young people.  I miss life when we worked and had lives outside this house. It made me a stronger person and a better mom. I helped me keep my perspective… and my patience.

In other news… HA – we went to a fabulous birthday party yesterday! It was a surprise pool party for some wonderful friends of ours daughter. A lot of folks I knew were there, it was good to get to talk to them all – since everyone will soon be gone. Most of them leaving the area with the company, or finding other things to move on to like us. My son and his “friend” who happens to be a girl were there and we all had such fun… While I cannot share most of the pictures, I will share some of MY kiddos!

My oldest son Jon, and his friend “S”

Deep in conversation…

Engaging in water sports with the younger set

They had a blast and behaved admirably – I’m very proud of them. They had so much fun with the other kids, even the really young ones. Every time I looked they were playing with or talking to a child. There were also kids their own age, that they got along with too.

So, now that the fun is over, it’s time to get on with the fun for the week… more packing – Happy Monday!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Warp

    • I know what you mean… packing is never fun, but if they can learn something from it – I guess it’s all good! Our guy got all his Native American stuff and books packed this afternoon – in the appropriate boxes even! I’m so proud of him!

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