Is it over yet?

I really, really want this moving crap to be over. I hate having boxes every where and stuff stacked up. I don’t like knowing when or if we’re going to sell the house… I guess I just don’t like not knowing what the heck is going to happen next.

Also – I’ve got an interesting case of the bloggers block – it seems to be a theme this week among some of those on my blogroll. I figure I’ve got two or three small tales to share, but nothing big enough for a “whole post”, so I’ll share the tidbits along the way.

  • Our Girl decided that “time to clean the kitchen” meant time to be a total bitch and she flipped out the other night. Not only did she not clean the kitchen, but when she got sent to her room she started screeching about how we were going to make her fail the 10th grade. “I’ve missed 23 days this year… do you hear me 23… I can only miss 20 and not fail”. Well imagine that – 23 days… we made her stay home Monday because we didn’t have the gas to take her the 30 miles to school. So that 23rd day is now going to make her fail… bullshit. I reminded her that 1 day did not a grade destroy… she was responsible for the other 22 days missed because she was either too sick to go – or too sick to stay once there.’Nuff said.
  • Our Guy is having difficulty in school this week, I think he’s just had enough. He told two of his teachers to F*** off on Tuesday and wound up suspended for the rest of the week (by request). His teacher didn’t want to write him up, because she knows this is not typical for him. He never, ever swears, especially at his teachers. But he’s just at his breaking point. So on her advice, he’s only got one more day left – a test day. He can go take the test and call home when he’s done – so essentially his year is over – welcome to your Freshman Year, son!
  • Jon just got his grades back on his first semester in college! He passed both classes with a B. I’m so very proud of him, and his accomplishments! His next semester books were delivered yesterday. He has a week and a half off, so he’s enjoying his time – playing World of Warcraft…
  • I made a new necklace today and I really like the style. It needs a little something, but I have to wear it a day or so to figure out what. I am starting on a wire project – crocheting wire to make a bracelet… we’ll see how that turns out!

So for now this is all I have, boring life of mine. We have a friend’s birthday party this weekend – she’s surprising her daughter with a pool party. Her daughter thinks the party is at the park, so they’re going to pick her up at her nana’s house, while everyone shows up at HER house… then when she gets to the park nobody will be there. Imagine her surprise when she gets home and all her friends and family are there! What a fun day this should be!!!

Happy Saturday y’all!


6 thoughts on “Is it over yet?

  1. I’m not sure if it’s over yet, but I hope it’s gotten easier for you! These sorts of kid troubles seem to come in waves. So stay strong, be loving, take courage.


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