Shoes and Purses

Packing always fills me with a sense of dread when I get right down to it. I hate the idea of putting things away in boxes and storing them. What if I actually need something before we move – like shoes, or a purse?

I don’t anticipate this happening, so I decided to go ahead and get them out-of-the-way so I can get other stuff done.

As I was packing I came across some of my favorite shoes; shoes I haven’t worn since my last job, a year ago. So I thought I’d share them with you before they were packed away, with a promise of a fresh working life ahead of them.

This first pair is magical to me. I found them on Ebay, and I paid about $7. With shipping my total wound up being $26. I’d never seen a pair like them before and I love them with my cream suit and celery shell:

Be still my heart…

They are very comfortable despite the heel, and I do so love these shoes. They have gotten me more compliments than any other pair I have, and I feel good wearing them. Now, what more can  a girl ask for?

Next up, my other “show stoppers” – again very comfortable, but also quite classy:

These shoes are a faux snake-skin, and they’re cute as can be. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments with them as well – plus, they’re black and go with anything I wear, including jeans.

Another comfortable favorite with jeans:

These little ankle “witch” boots are awesome. It takes a second to lace them up, because in true “hiking boot” fashion, they lace. They totally rock, and are awfully comfortable to have a heel.

I also have some purses I love.

This precious bag is suede, and I adore it! I can’t use it often, because it is suede and I don’t want to get it filthy. I like a good washable fabric purse for every day.

Or one of these lovely things:

Yes, you are seeing correctly, I own two totally rockin’ Betty Boop purses. I love these guys, especially when we are out somewhere with the kids. I can keep everything in my purse – it makes a great place to store things we need but don’t necessarily want to carry along all day – like extra water, napkins, or snack crackers. Teenagers require lots of fuel, and these allow me to keep a steady supply for them!

Next up a very fun bag, that I normally only use when we travel and it usually carries all of my toiletries and cosmetics:

It’s a cute little picnic basket style purse, and I adore this bag! The lining of lime gingham, the smiley face top… all of it! Cute fun and wonderful, and a gift from a dear friend, so even more special!

and of course my favorite summer purse (besides my day of the dead skull purse) is this one:

For when "skulls" just aren't appropriate...

So there you have it, some of my favorite shoes and purses. I hope that you are not sleeping, or haven’t “unfollowed” already!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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