The day off…

So, I pretty  much spent the day ‘vegetating”. I worked on packing all weekend, but I just could NOT take another day. My body had been pushed beyond its pain threshold and by four this morning (after a fitful hour of ‘sleep’) I realized that once I again, I was doing too much. I’m not allowing anyone to help me with certain things… like packing. I don’t mind if they pick the box up and take it away, but I don’t want anyone else putting anything in boxes. It’s a simple control thing I believe.

I am very dis/organized. In my organization world, things might be “messy” but I know where it all is. However, when it’s time to pull up stakes and move – I want everything just so. When I pack books, they are packed together by author. All of my VC Andrews in one box, Stephen King in another, Laurel K Hamilton in another. Now, husby dear has a different type of book altogether and there are tons of assorted collections of Sci-Fi by different authors, so I combined most of his books by author but with three or four authors per box.

I know, it sound insane – and it is probably a type of OCD. There is just a certain way to pack certain things. I told husby what I had done organization wise, and he just kind of rolled his eyes. Today, he came and asked me for a certain book, because he finished his last one. I told him “It’s in the box marked Rice, Koontz”. I didn’t have to go look, think, or wonder. I knew exactly where the book was. OCD might be good sometimes, especially when it makes me a hero, haha.

But I managed to digress to a totally different topic – see what no sleep gets me?? Anyway, like I said at four am I realized I needed to take the day off and let my sore muscles rest. My left shoulder hurt all through the night last night, which really sucks because I sleep on my left side. I cannot sleep on my back, my stomach, or my right side – it’s impossible. So when my left shoulder goes off – you can forget it, I’m not sleeping much.

I watched a lot of “medical television” last night – Discovery Health is one of the few channels that doesn’t sign off at 3 am with paid programming. And I like medical shows… so it was a good trade. At least insomnia came when there was something worth watching on television.

So after resting today, I am ready to get back in the swing of things tomorrow! I know I promised shoes and purses for today, but unfortunately that would have seriously cut into my relaxation time today… and I was not giving that up! If I had entered the bedroom with the camera, I would have spent the entire day in there cleaning… or I might just have likely have passed out in the bed and not done anything anyway – either way no shoes were photographed in the making of this post.

Wow, see what tired gets me?

So until tomorrow… Happy Tuesday!


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