My closet…

Well, I spent a good part of the day in my room working on my closet yesterday… it started out looking like a train wreck…

All of this stuff was IN my closet:

stuff from my closet...

So was this stuff:

The floor was piled high with shoes and purses (I’ll share my favorite later). The shelf was full of ziplocked clothing that I never wear, but couldn’t part with, books, magazines, and junk. Seven years of “Oh, I might need that – let me just put it up here” came down yesterday… and now, NOW my closet looks like this:

Clean closet!

Please ignore the garbage bag taped to the wall – apparently the previous owners had a plumbing problem and that is supposed to be an access panel to the bathroom. Unfortunately they never created the actual panel, instead they left a hole for bees and cold to come in. We decided to redneck engineer the fix “just in case” we had plumbing issues before we could fix it. Now, we’re selling the house – and passing on the problem.

I don’t really feel bad about passing on this home’s issues – we’re selling for DIRT CHEAP – and there isn’t a whole lot we can do to fix things now. We pretty much hit the same barrier about 80% of the country has – NO MONEY. So the floors that act like roller coasters, the roof that leaks when it wants to, and the bees living in the attic – well they can all just go on to be fixed by someone who does this for a living. We will stick to what we know “Hello, Landlord, can you fix this?” will be our  mantra. No more water heater leaks, roof issues, bees, or pine roaches (gasp).

While home ownership has been nice – when it’s a house as old as this that needs so much work – it’s not worth it unless you are a contractor – we are not. Therefore we’ve been lost from day one. Oh, we put in cabinets and appliances in the kitchen, replaced the water heater, patched the roof, fixed several areas on the floor, and even fixed the main sill of the foundation at the front door; but we’re not contractors, and we certainly don’t have the budget for this. So it’s back to renting for us…

Eventually the kids will be gone (hopefully in 5 short years). And when they are? We’ll grab up a sweet motor home and travel the country – seeing all the stuff we want to see. By that time, I hope to be able to work from home full time at a PAYING job. Or to have my book done and published. If not, then we’ll just have to live the hippie way – work here to get gas money to go there… 🙂

So that’s it for now, stop by later to check out the shoe/purse conundrum I’m in!

Happy Monday!


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