Has anyone seen my coffee cup? I know I set it down somewhere… I just don’t remember where…

Oh – HI! You’re here!! I’m so excited to see that I didn’t lose you! This is the first post I’m actually WRITING over here.

So, welcome to my new home on the web! There’s coffee over there on the counter and cups in the cabinet –  make yourself at home.  I’m still moving in, so there may be a few boxes here and there, and limited seating for a little while, but eventually I, with your help of course, will make it home.

I’ve spent the better part of the week sorting through themes and stuff to use on the blog, and decided on the one you see now. It is simple and clean – and right now, with all the chaos going on around here – I need SIMPLE and I sooooo need CLEAN!

Sunday is usually a day to relax and recharge around our house, and I was thinking today would be the same, but unfortunately that’s not gonna happen. Of course, I have stuff to do – lots and lots of it! So I don’t get a lot of time to visit with you today, at least not right now. I will, however be back later with some photos of my adventures I’m sure!

Today I’m planning an “easy” day… I’m cleaning out my closet and hopefully packing everything I don’t need in my bedroom. This may or may not go well. I might get distracted by something on television as I am wont to do… or I might fall asleep as has been known to happen when I’m supposed to be cleaning.

There’s that stupid coffee cup… drat, now my coffee is cold! So, while I go grab another cup, you just hang out, make yourself comfortable, and read a while. I’ll be back later for more juicy details of my wonderfully exciting life packing boxes. And of course, sharing a few treasures with you along the way!

6 thoughts on “Whew…

  1. Congrats on moving, in the virtual world, and on getting thinsg packed in the real world! Isn’t it great what you can find when you start sorting through all the odds and ends that we accumulate?

    • Thanks Kerry! Moving the blog was EASY compared to moving a home we’ve lived in for 7 years!!! I am finding stuff I forgot I had, and I’m loving that part.. but oh my the stuff I’ve got to get rid of – the pile just gets bigger, and bigger!

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