Oh How I Hate Moving!!!

Any move is hard… it represents an unknown, if you will. It is change in environment, social circles, and location. In most cases it makes people both excited and uncomfortable. Its definitely  not settling to move.
As of right now, we’re beginning the packing process. I have stacks of boxes in the living room, just waiting for my families belongings.
I am packing books today – hopefully with some form of organization… If I don’t get overly frustrated, I will try to get some other things packed as well. But there are so many books in my house!!!!

This is just one completely stuffed bookcase. Please note that both the top and bottom shelves are also totally stacked full as well. I have a full cabinet in the bedroom… and two more bookshelves in the hall, as well as one more in the living room. It’s insane how many books we have. People say “well get rid of the ones you’ve read”… sorry… not gonna happen!
I’m one of those that rereads books, over and over again. I cannot tell you how many time’s I’ve read VC Andrews first series of books – and every subsequent series! Or Laurel K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. Or Harry Potter, or Patricia Cornwell, or Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tim Lahay, HOLY CRAP MAN! I got a lot of books!!!!
I have ALL of the books ever written by some of the authors listed above, and that’s just nuts. BUT I am not willing to part with them. Therefore I will be packing books all day.

I just want to let everyone know that your kind and wonderful comments have been greatly appreciated. I feel like I have a “family” on the web with my supporters and frequent visitors – kind of an extended support system. Which is what I’m loving about the move – I get to take all of you with me!!!!
It’s my “stability” in my changing world. No matter where I am – you guys will always be there as long as I have my computer and wifi! YAY Internets!

Well, it’s off to throw  gently place some books in boxes.
Happy Friday!!
PS: I forgot to show ya’ll what Our Girl drew me for Mother’s Day:

I just adore the vibe of this picture! It’s free and bright and happy, and it makes me smile. It’s currently on the wall above my desk along with some other things she’s done for me. I’m so blessed with wonderful children!!! Ok – NOW I’m really going to pack (I’m not stalling, really)!
PPS: Please don’t forget that starting Monday, we’ll be over at WordPress!!! You can head on over there now, and check things out – everything from here has already been transferred! Including your lovely comments, thanks so much!

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9 thoughts on “Oh How I Hate Moving!!!

  1. I’m with you————–I hate the move——–it’s sooooo much work—especially if you’re a real crap collector…

    • Oh, I am too! We have 7 years of crap we’ve accumulated since we’ve lived in GA, not to mention all the stuff we already HAD! it’s insane!!!

  2. Moving is rough! Glad your blog is all transferred and complete! You moved in two areas of your life!

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