May I have some cheese, please?

It should go rather well with my whine today. I try not to complain a lot, especially to the kids, and even more especially about things they have no control over. I hear our kids friends talk about some of their parents issues and I wonder how do they know this stuff? Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in letting kids know things that affect them. We sat our kids down when both of us lost our jobs within a month of each other, and we let them know that things would be very tight until we went back to work. We let them know that lights needed to be policed, the A/C needed to be used less, and no waste allowed. They understood and got on board. We have discussed my health issues with them, just so they understand that mommy hurts and they need to be careful when hugging or touching. They know the details they need to know and nothing more. I believe in protecting my kids to an extent from the depth of our issues. For instance, I would not whine to my kids about the fact that we got our last unemployment check yesterday, and we have no more money coming in until June 1. Not something they need to stress about the last two weeks of school.
However, dear readers, you are not safe from my whine… sorry. If you would rather not hear my problems, then maybe you should come back tomorrow.
Last night we were discussing with Our Girl the fact that her room (which is the largest room in the entire house) would be used for staging as we pack to move. Meaning she would need to clear out one end of the room so we could use it. She got mad. I don’t mean a little mad, I mean MAD mad! She just cannot understand why we would want to put boxes out of the way in her room, why not her brothers room? Her brothers room is a standard 12X10 bedroom, with two twin beds, two dressers and nightstands. BOTH boys reside in there when Little Man is home – there isn’t ROOM for boxes. Then she wanted to know why I couldn’t keep them in the hallway and laundry room. I explained that we use the hallway to get to the bathroom and the laundry room to wash clothing – no space for boxes there. So she went on to ask “well, if we’re moving anyway, why can’t we just put the boxes in your office – it’s not like you’re using it all the time”… WHAT? MY OFFICE? Ummm… I think not sweetheart – this office is my refuge away from it all. It’s the only place in the house I can go to get peace, quiet, and connect with my muse. Not. Gonna. Happen. Our Girl’s room? Yeah – the darn thing is 20×40 – it was supposed to be TWO rooms, and we didn’t get around to putting a divider in – she was supposed to get the back half, and the front half was going to be a Kids Den. But she took over the entire room, spread out all over the place, and we of course ran out of money/time to get the divider up so she wound up with the whole thing. And now she’s pissed that I want to use half of it for boxes…. hrmph.. Guess where my boxes are going to be???? HA!
Her other issue last night was one I almost laughed at. She asked her dad if she would get a room just as big as the one she’s in now at our new house – because she didn’t think she could handle going to one the size of her brothers room now. I swear ya’ll I nearly died laughing. This is pretty much how that conversation went:
US: Dad and I will get the master, the boys will share, she’ll get a room and my son will, as always sleep on the couch. You will be in a regular bedroom.
HER: Well, I will get the bigger of the other bedrooms, right?
US: Umm… NO – you have two brothers who will be sharing a bedroom, they get the bigger room.
HER: Well that’s not fair I’m the oldest. (at this point I’m not laughing anymore because she’s being a pain in the butt and I still have a freaking headache).
US: Well, it really is fair because there are two of them, and they have to share a room. (and because I get a little cranky over my son) I said: You know, you are not the oldest – Jon is the oldest. Jon is also the only one who has sacrificed a bed and privacy for you kids. He gave up his bedroom for the boys, and never got it back.
HER: Oh, so he’s going to get the biggest room.
US: NO! Did you even hear what we just said???
HER: Well, not really I was thinking….


You know, I love my kids, and most of the time I don’t differentiate between my kids and his kids – but when she starts the crap about how she’s the oldest, and deserves all this stuff – I have to say something. It’s like she forgets that he even lives with us. Not that it would matter much, because she’s sixteen and we all know what that means. Drama.

But, at this point its all good. We’re working with the Realtor now to see when we can get the payment on the house – and how long we have until we have to move. If we can play this right and get the customary 30 days – then we’re golden, we can pop on up to Chattanooga for a couple of days and house hunt. Then we’ll have a place to put all these darned boxes while we get out of here. I’m hoping it works out that way – I hate moving to a storage unit, then to a home – it take so much time and is such a waste of effort. It’s NOT efficient.

Well, I guess that’s my whine and cheese party for today. What’s making you whine?


4 thoughts on “May I have some cheese, please?

  1. Oh they are egocentric at this age aren't they? The whole freakin' world revolves around them. I just pray that she has a teenage daughter of her own one day. I know my mom is enjoying the revenge I've gotten!

  2. Hi, thanks for stopping in via SITS.I have two teenagers myself. My daughter definitely brings the drama on a regular basis. Maybe it's a girl thing. My son is soooo much easier going. Let's hope our girls outgrow that stage soon!

  3. This reminds me of the time when my teenage sister came to my parents with this bulleted list that outlined all the reasons she should be aloud to take over our unfinished attic as her bedroom. In case you were wondering, she did not get to move into the attic.

  4. You know, I only have boys…and though I think I'd want a little girl, I'm a little relieved that I'll never have to have a teenage girl in my house- at least not one who is my daughter. Thanks for stopping by my SITS day on Monday. Did I already tell you that? I'm so scattered this week.

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