Saturday – I’m Bored

Finally! It’s here! Saturday! Woohoo! NO school and two bored teenagers! I cannot be more happy – not! 

It never ceases to amaze me that in a house with five computers, three televisions and three Xbox game systems someone could be bored… I don’t get it – I mean, we’ve got plenty of electronic entertainment – and an entire LIBRARY of books I know my kids haven’t read yet. So why the boredom? Because they’ve done it all – seen it all – played it all – and yes, read it all… hmmm – I think not… but whatever?!
Our guy hates not having his computer, unfortunately right now he’s sharing said computer with my son Jon. Jon is in college and taking classes online, so his computer time is infinitely more important than Our Guy’s. Our Girl is still in trouble and not allowed messenger or Facebook/Myspace applications right now, so in her words “the computer is a paper weight”. She got a new book yesterday, so she should be good. However, when I made the suggestion that Our Guy use her computer to check on his game forums and such – she LOST IT!. NO WAY was he using her computer – regardless of whether she’s using it or not… UGGGH 
So, now she’s gone for the day, Jon is working on a project for school, and Our Guy is bored… I’m so tempted to hand him his sisters laptop and tell him to have fun… however the war that would wage between them regardless of who gave permission would probably set the house into a spin – witches would be killed… I’m just sayin… 
Boredom – is an emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them. I love that last line – uninterested in the opportunities surrounding them. This is the way it is here – there is PLENTY to do – they just don’t want to do it. They have books to read, games to play, and pets to love on and hang out with. We have an acre of woods behind our house, with miles of dirt trails and creeks beyond. When I was a teenager I would have gotten up, gotten breakfast, and GOTTEN OUT! – Not my kids… they’re too “technically inclined” to enjoy a romp in the great outdoors. If they don’t need a controller to play they don’t want to play. So for the most part, boredom wins out for them most of the time. Not today – today I will show them that there really IS something to do. 
Today I have a plan. Today – if you are bored? Find something to do – or I will find something FOR YOU to do. 
Happy Saturday!


7 thoughts on “Saturday – I’m Bored

  1. Hello-I am going to give you comment of the week and am not sure if you want me to send people to this blog or your wordpress blog? I will send them to this one since it looks like you post here and you let me know if you want the wordpress one and i will change it. i am just about to write the post so it will be a bit. just comment on my most recent post what you want me to do. 🙂

  2. Ok, I linked you up to this blog. I meant that I was just putting your blog up for readers to check out, not the comment of the week. Sorry for the confusion. I am a little cloudy! If you would rather me not send people your way let me know, otherwise, hopefully you will get a new visitor! 🙂

  3. I hope things get better. My son would love to play outside, but due to allergies is stuck in the house literally watching the mushrooms grow out my bedroom window. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.

  4. Hey… dropping by from The Lumberjack's Wife… As the mom of two teens I feel your pain today… They are not allowed to go anywhere or have anyone over until their room is clean… You'd think they would just clean it… No-sir-ree-bob… Their evil plan is to plague me with their misery unti I back down… I hope tomorrow doesn't become known as the "Great Mother's Day Massacre" in our home… I try the "If you are bored I'll give you a chore thing…" It usually backfires… but it is an oldie but goodie… so maybe I'll try it again…

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