My Heart – My Soul!

This, this beautiful chubby baby? This is my heart….
He is my soul, my life, my inspiration, and my muse!

This, my dear readers, is my precious grandson.
Words cannot express how much I LOVE this boy! 

Here, he is enjoying his first time on a swing… 

It turns out – the swing is much more fun with mommy! 
That’s my beautiful daughter there with my boy in her lap! Gosh, how my heart leaps at the image – I miss them so!

His first trip to a real pool!

Again so much more fun with mommy!

I must say, I am so very proud of my beautiful daughter and her husband. They’re doing the best than can to raise him… and that’s all anyone can ask. They’re young, and I’m sure they’ll make mistakes along the way – heck don’t we all?? But this baby – this baby is loved beyond measure! 

I love you JJ – your grandma’s heart breaks with missing you! You are my heart, my soul, my love!!! 


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