More irresistible cuteness!

So, I’ve got to do a little more shameless promotion of our newest little friend. 

Doesn’t he look handsome? 
This little fella scared us to DEATH a couple of times this past week – every time we touched him he would just scream bloody murder… so after much back and forth and whining – we decided that we would have to take him to the vet… we’re used to BIG honking monster dogs around here… not tiny delicate purse puppies…

So off to the vet we went yesterday… and $77 later – what do we find out??? The dog is a hypochondriac! There was NOTHING wrong with him! He did have some extra long dew claws, that he might possibly have been stepping on when running like the wind through the back yard… 

So, we had the nails trimmed and a checkup and flea treatment – we’re all set for summer… 
Then the vet said that we should NOT stop petting/touching/holding him when he screams unless we KNOW for sure he’s really hurt – we’re conditioning him to scream when he’s unhappy in his situation… 
Geez – it’s like having a toddler around again – just when did my dog become a child?

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2 thoughts on “More irresistible cuteness!

  1. Well, I guess if you count the fact that even after they are potty trained they not only still have accidents, but they generally tend to find your BEST freaking carpet to have them on… then yeah… dogs are harder than kids – NONE of my kids have ever pooped on a $200 rug! 🙂

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