100 things about me

In true blog tradition, the 100 things about me post!

  • I was born in 1966
  • My father died in 1978
  • He died three days after my birthday
  • I have never gotten over his death
  • I probably never will
  • I have been best friends with the same person since 1972
  • We once went almost 8 years without talking
  • We immediately picked up where we left off after the drought
  • I was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida
  • My father owned a sailboat named the Questover
  • My mother gave the boat to my uncle when my dad died
  • My uncle sailed that boat on the Gulf of Mexico
  • My grandmother died when I was 19 – on her birthday
  • My grandfather died when I was 22
  • Both of my grandparents died in conjunction with the birth of one of my children
  • My cousin had a baby one week to the hour after I did
  • My youngest daughter got married at the same age I did the first time
  • I have been married three times
  • I have been divorced three times
  • I do not know if I will every marry again
  • If I do marry it will be to the man I now live with
  • Four of my children are not “my” children, but his
  • We are currently surviving on unemployment
  • One of my children is severely emotionally disabled and is currently in the hospital
  • I do not feel guilty about admitting him to the hospital – he needed the help
  • It is not easy to deal with children with and SED
  • Most parents have not clue how to handle emotional problems in their children and this bothers me
  • I always wanted to “make a difference” in peoples lives
  • I had children – that makes a difference
  • My grandson is easily my favorite thing in the world
  • I appreciate my daughter’s in-laws more than words can express
  • My 16 year old stepdaughter is making my hair turn gray
  • My 15 year old stepson is making my face wrinkle
  • My 22 year old son is making my ulcer bleed
  • I want my mommy
  • I have not seen my mother in over a year
  • I don’t call my mother enough
  • I have not seen my grandmother (my dad’s mom) in 22 years
  • I don’t know if I will before she dies
  • I have not seen my elderly aunt in five years, although I speak with her regularly
  • I do not talk to my aunt as often now that ER is no longer on the air
  • I have five dogs
  • I have three cats
  • I don’t need any more animals, or children
  • I could no more part with one of my pets, than I could one of my children
  • I design and create custom jewelery in my “spare” time
  • I have nothing but spare time
  • I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in February of 2008
  • I was fired from my job in June of 2009 – related directly to my attendance because of my illness
  • I love to write
  • I want to write a book one day – but I don’t know what to write about
  • My daughter tells me I should write a book about talking to teenage girls
  • Apparently my daughter thinks I do this well 
  • I am scared of losing everything in the economic crisis
  • I may or may not support healthcare reform
  • I support the reform of programs for Children’s Mental Health
  • I was one half of an exceptionally abusive relationship for 9 years
  • I am a recovering addict (10 years clean)!
  • I do not discuss my addiction with anyone
  • I have demons under my bed, and skeletons in my closet
  • My third husband was an alcoholic and a meth addict
  • I didn’t know these things until after I married him
  • We did not live together before marriage…
  • I am a Christian
  • I do not go to church often enough
  • Occasionally my language is more colorful than it should be
  • I procrastinate
  • I want to move back to Florida, and cannot convince anyone in my family to go with me
  • I do not want to leave my family to go “home”
  • I would settle for moving to North Carolina to be close to my mother
  • I have trigger finger tendinitis in my left hand making it impossible for me to flip anyone off with that hand
  • I like flipping people off – this couples with #66 above
  • I was raised in church
  • I was a teenage mother
  • My oldest daughter was born two short weeks before I turned 18
  • I married the first idiot that asked me
  • My first husband was a drug addict
  • We were married only six months
  • I almost died of double pneumonia
  • I married my son’s father in 1987
  • We were married for six years
  • My youngest daughters father died when she was nine
  • He took her from me and hid when she was seven
  • I did not see or speak to my daughter for 11 years
  • She found me when she was 18
  • I have never been happier at an event in my life
  • I miss my kids who live far away
  • My daughters live in Florida – which is an even better reason for me to return there
  • I want to be close to my grandson
  • My son is getting ready to FINALLY go to college – at 22
  • My oldest daughter has been with the same boy since her sophomore year in high school
  • They are not married – and have no children
  • I have a mean streak a mile wide
  • I have a quick temper – and a very short fuse
  • I get over it quickly
  • I yell… a LOT
  • I don’t cry often – but when I do… its a gully washer
  • I want my children to have an easier life than I did
  • I don’t know that my youngest daughter will ever have that – and it makes me sad
  • My family is my life – and I love them dearly

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