I have a cat…

who stinks… nothing in this world can take the funk out of this cat… 
She’s beautiful…

she is also old… 11 years old… and might I mention, that she stinks…

Now this cat is truly amazing… at the ripe old age of 10 she taught herself how to use the toilet… mostly because the other cats use the litter box and she’s too good for the other cats… and partly because at her age, going to the bathroom can sometimes take a while, and after all, the humans do it — ‘anyone got a good book about dog torture’? 

But, I cannot imagine for the life of me how my beautiful old angel got to smelling so bad… maybe it’s her obsession with the woods behind our barn… maybe it’s the fact that she has no bottom teeth anymore and so she drools incessantly… maybe the fact that she has no teeth prevents her from cleaning herself appropriately anymore… 

That’s all beside the point…. 
the point is… I. love. this. cat. seriously!

so for now I will be content in the knowledge that at 11 she’s still pretty, still sweet, still marching to the tune of a different drum… and I can put up with the odor to get some of that sweet old lady love… Dear magi — I’m buying you some wet naps for your birthday!

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